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bogart lingerie
bogart Lingerie


A realization whose space appear almost story-like, developed by Frezza for the lingerie giant Bogart Lingerie Ltd. in Hong Kong.

The uniqueness and beauty of the project is contained in a narrative thread that leads the visitor to the lightness of the lingerie fabrics and soft colours.

So the sensorial result of the furnished space becomes the expression of the unique style of the working environments with customized chromatic effects and transparency.

The layout is spread over an area of over 2,000 square meters, structured to accommodate 110 operators. The operating environments, made with the My Desk system, are characterized by "aggregated" = benched? workstations and full-height wall units, Areaplan Spazio.

The executive areas achieve an exclusive and stylish elegance achieved by using tables from the N7 collection, while the public areas are decorated with furnishings and sofas throughout by Casamania.