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Frezza & Natali Alessandro & co. S.p.A.

Prestigious offices belonging to the firm Natali Alessandro & co. S.p.A., located in La Spezia (Italy), which choose Frezza to furnish the inner space of a building designed and managed by the architectural firm Architettura Manfroni & Associati.

In the project, it was used Kristal Evo walls, with both monolithic glass panel and wood panels. In several wood panels' walls, it has been placed inspectable cables compartments designed according to specific project requests, while inside the executives offices and boardrooms has been installed walls that are used as wainscoting using wood or lacquered panels with specific finishing.

Given the particular shape of the building, the variable angle joints have been able to create several contiguous rooms, divided only by internal partitions walls, and the use of polished profiles underlines the geometry of the spaces. In operative and filing areas, modular storage walls from Areaplan Spazio-Modulo collection complete the project.

Particular attention has been given to the choice of the furniture, from prestigious executive desks, that have been able to interpret and create an elegant ambience, to the executive meeting tables and the reception areas, in a perfect harmony with both the partition walls and the whole building.