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Frezza & Siretessile
Siretessile SpA, a leading company in the textile sector, located in the province of Treviso (Italy), choose Frezza to furnish the new headquarters. A global project that involve the choice of different solutions of partition and storage walls, desks and chairs.
The protagonist is the partition wall proposed with both double glass and veneered panels using the same finish as the other structural elements of the building. The full-height doors merge into the wall, hiding along the partition.
The development of the layout of all workspaces induced the search of several space partition solutions: from the monolithic glass wall Kristal Evo, proposed also with a freestanding structure, to the modular wall ISO 85, available with both double glass and veneered wood panels, installed in reception and meeting areas, matching the need for an improved sound reduction. To give wide storage space to each workplace, lacquered or veneered storage walls, have been installed along all building walls.
A modern work space with wide open space offices where flexibility, re-configurability and cables inspections are a must, accomplished easily with desks from Link collection.
Elm-veneered desks and wide meeting tables from ONO collection complete and elegantly furnish the executive offices.