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tarzo BCC
new BCC prealpi main office


An ambitious project in management, operational and environmental terms; these are the characteristics of this new BCC service center.

A project of the architect Bruno Tambasco which involves an office area of 3400 square meters furnished by Frezza with the collaboration of Artufficio Padua.

More than 100 workstations created through the Easy Link operational collection that appear contemporary and stylish; white elegant facilities? and passepartout lockers contrast with the contemporary walnut finishes, making the atmosphere warm and refined without neglecting functionality.

Wall units, and? niches, conceal the various work areas and long stretches of Kristal Evo and Doppiovetro walls emphasize the clean lines and the pleasantness of the various environments and of their varying functions, such as the discrete meeting rooms with large tablesfrom the Velvet collection.

 kristal evo